Mice or Rats in the Sheds

Every year without fail, as the weather changes for the worse, the office phones ring with customer who have discovered Mouse or Rat droppings or damage in their garden sheds or garages.

Example: One such call, last year, involved a client with a Classic Show Car that had the electrical wires & upholstery “nibbled” by Mice. Obviously, the owner was very annoyed that his pride and joy wouldn’t start and the leather work had been damaged and his much loved “Classic” car was going nowhere for the foreseeable future.

In this particular case, once we had controlled the Mouse situation in and around his garage, we advised him that, leaving our bait stations in situ for the next twelve months, monitoring them quarterly, would save this problem from happening again. Goodness knows what it cost him to get his car fixed but I do know that there are no signs of Mice in his garage now.

Breeding: If Mice or Rats set up home in a shed or garage in the summer months, you won’t be surprised to hear that, they will use these sheltered spaces to breed. So, if you suspect that any Rodent is living or visiting your storage areas, give us a call straight away.

Our technicians have seen examples of wires, pipework, timbers and even integral doors being chewed and destroyed by Rats & Mice, bicycles have had tyres nibbled, Rodents setting up home in or behind washing machines, tumble dryers and deep freezers We even had a nest in a motorcycle helmet.

Disease and Health & Safety:  Rodent Urine and Droppings are massive spreaders of Weils decease and other nasty germs. All things stored in sheds, such as bicycles, kids toys, mowers, wheel barrows, etc can all be infected with Rat or Mouse urine without any of us knowing. Any Rodent nest and breeding in any part of our property is bad news.

Damage and Contamination: Rodents will damage and contaminate anything from electrical wires to pet food. They need to chew to keep their front incisor teeth worn down, as they grow constantly.

If you suspect that Rats or Mice are present in your garage, shed, barn or outbuildings, wear disposable gloves and then wash your hand under hot running water, so as not to pick up an unwanted disease, or you can CALL PESTWISE STRAIGHT AWAY and we can ensure your premises remain Rodent free now and in the future.