Let’s hope so. But don’t be too disappointed if our quiet and happy times are interrupted by some Flies, Wasps, Bees, Ants, Etc.


Many a BBQ has been blighted by a Wasps buzzing around your food or drinks. But what to do? Keep an eye out for Wasp activity around the gutters and air bricks of your premises. Then call us!

If you can spot the little devils early on in the season, chances are you can avoid being stung and the nuisance of Wasps annoying your family and guests. Just one call to Pestwise will ensure a trouble-free summer. Treatment can usually be carried out with in 48 hours of your initial call and we can help keep you all safe.

Other pests to watch out for in the warmer weather are Flies and Ants. Because we seem to be experiencing slight warmer weather all year around, the breeding season of these pests is longer and therefore more of them find their way in to your houses.

The Pest Control Products, you are able to purchase from high street outlets, don’t seem to be up to the job, many of our customers have spent a fortune on “ineffective” sprays, gels, etc only to find the pest survive the application of such products.

As the temperatures rise and the bugs start to appear remember that, many of our creepy crawly friends are great pollinators and do a great job in our gardens and countyside, so think before you spray insecticides. If you find that you can’t live with crawling insects, bees, wasps or flies, call us in and we will attend with advice and the relevant treatment.