Are you qualified to do your job?  I mean really qualified.

Either by exam passes, training, regularly attending courses or just good old-fashioned experience and common-sense.

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Mouse On a Trap

In domestic settings, one of the situations we come across on a regular basis, is that the customer has attempted to deal with the pest problem themselves (DIY). Read more


Every pest infestation will leave behind some sign of presence. Look for droppings or other signs on walls, such as grease like smears, or bite damage on carpets or cardboardCan you  can  smell strange odors in  your  storage areasoffices, attic, or work places? Maybe you see something scuttling away or you think you did. If you think you did – you did. Consistently look for changes or holes in planted areas in gardens or entry points in buildings.  Read more

There can be nothing more infuriating than scratching an itch that never seems to go away.

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Usually the odd fly doesn’t bother us, it’s only when we notice a few flies buzzing about the place that we get annoyed.

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