DIY Pest Control – Does It Work?

Mouse On a Trap

In domestic settings, one of the situations we come across on a regular basis, is that the customer has attempted to deal with the pest problem themselves (DIY).

In some instances, ‘do it yourself’ pest control can pay off. ‘Can I do it instead of calling a professional company?’ ‘Can I save a few pounds whilst ensuring the job is done properly?’

Your thoughts may follow this timeline:

  1. You maybe hearing noises coming from the ceiling, attic space or wall cavity. During the night the scratching sounds seem to be quite loud.
  2. What you thought was maybe a single mouse moving around has now, in your head, multiplied and it could now, possibly be rats or even squirrels.
  3. You think to yourself, ‘I know what to do, I’ll Google it’. You find yourself on your phone or computer reading about rodent control in homes Before you know it you have ordered traps and bait from an unknown eBay source. Half the job done, you think.
  4. After a couple of days, you’re DIY rodent control parcel arrives and you venture up into the attic area. You add a lure to the traps, as per instructions. You set and place them where you think they should be. The same with the bait blocks or loose grain. (What is in this bait that makes it toxic to some rodents?)
  5. The scratching continues and after a couple of days and disturbed nights, you wonder:
  • Are the traps working?
  • Why haven’t I caught anything in the first day, second day, third day and so on.
  • Did I get the correct traps for the right pest? (mouse traps and rat traps and squirrel traps are all different).
  • Has the little critter taken the bait?
  • If it has taken the bait, why am I still hearing noises?
  • If it dies in the loft space, will it start to smell?
  • Is there more than one?
  • What if they all die up there?
  1. The facts are, after spending your time and money on researching an unknown pest and entering what is now considered ‘the war zone’. Hopefully wearing the correct PPE and placing the baited traps in the correct areas: You Still Have A Pest Problem.

DIY Pest ControlUnfortunately, you are no nearer solving the problem and you say to yourself:

  • I researched the perceived problem,
  • I paid good money for a DIY pest control kit.
  • I even went up into the attic and fought through all the Christmas Decorations to locate the problem.
  • I followed the instructions, but I still haven’t solved it!
  • Why Not?

Don’t despair, you haven’t done anything wrong – you just haven’t done it right.

You must also consider this important point. It can take time. Some rodents are neophobic (scared of new objects) so it can be a lengthy process in some circumstances for said rodent to be brave enough to go close to the bait/trap.

Wasps Nests are another area in which DIY Pest Control maybe cause a problem for the home owner that wants to have a go themselves.

Wasp and Bee stings can be not only uncomfortable, but also life threatening.

All biting Insect treatment isn’t as easy as one would think. So Beware.

You are not alone. It’s a natural instinct to want to protect your family and your possessions. Not to mention the structure of your home from intruders. So, what do you do now? You’ve still got pest problems and probably sub-standard traps and maybe weak bait (or food as I like to call it) on the premises.

To put your mind at rest, we are here to help. Our prices are more than competitive and you will know that everything is being done to rid you and your family of the pest problems you are experiencing in an experienced, professional and safe way.

All of our technicians are fully trained, certified, experienced and insured. The products we use are industry approved and effective.

We are very Health & Safety conscience and together with our BSi ISO9001, also our Environmental Risk Assessments, we offer the best services possible at affordable prices.


Now you ask yourself, DIY Pest Control – Does It Work? Can I Have A Go?  Yes, you can have a go yourself. However, don’t be surprised if the uncertainty of what pest you have, together with how to deal with them effectively and safely seem a bit overwhelming and uncertain.

Even if you just want to chat and possibly gain some free advice, give us a call 


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DIY Pest Control – Does It Work?