Do not forget the little guys

Spring is soon upon us, lets not forget the little guys… those smaller pests which may seem harmless a first but can cause havoc in your family home.


At this time of year FLEAS decide to show up and attach themselves to your pets – worse still to you or a family member.

Carpets and soft furnishings are the favourite residing places for Fleas in the home. Visitors, such as friends or family, with or without pets, can infest your space without you even knowing it. Fleas can and do, live independently from a “host” animal and feed on the blood of humans, animals and birds.

As a dog or cat owner you must protect your pets by applying the correct dose of treatment on a regular basis. This product is usually recommended by your vet and can be purchased in pet shops, online or a veterinary practice.

We can all suffer a great deal of discomfort and have an allergic reaction to the Flea saliva.

  • Is your pet fidgeting and scratching an unusual amount?
  • Have you noticed red bumps appearing on parts of your body?
  • Are the children complaining about itching at night?

If, you find yourself fretting about fleas, we would always recommend contacting a professional Pest Technician. We are fully trained in flea control and will have access to a range of professional use insecticides and tools, which are not available to the public. Knowing how much, where, and when to deploy products is where professionals are able to take control of situations efficiently. DIY Pest Control can work on occasions but remember we do this day in and day out and have been fully trained according to the Pest Control Regulations and Standards.

Remember, look after your pets needs and don’t let the problem develop into a heavy infestation. Act as soon as you suspect a problem. DO NOT apply insecticides directly to your pet.


Let’s face it ANTS are OK, unless they are the biting type. The problem arises when they get into your kitchen, on the worktops, in the lounge or conservatory. Ants will travel long distances to find food and you don’t really want them in and around your foodstuff. If it’s there, they will find it. Flying Ants are almost always mature Queens or Males.

The sight of these winged swarms horrifies a lot of our customers – Take immediate action before this happens. If you see Ants in any form or in any area in or around the house just contact us and we’ll do what we do best. These are usually the more common Black Ants.

Red Ants can be a real pain, literally. Found in gardens, they can easily disrupt and spoilt the time spent in our garden and their bits can have a very bad effect on our skin and cause major irritation.