It Will Soon Be Summer

We can all enjoy the promise of a warm summer. I get the feeling that we will be spending as much time as possible outside over the next few months. The gardens will be looking great and the BBQs will be on. However, one of Britain’s most feared and potentially aggressive pests, will be on the prowl – ‘THE WASP’.

With this in mind remember, Wasps are commonly found in and around household rubbish areas and rotting fruit. They are defiantly attracted to food, sweet, fizzy drinks as sugar can increase their lifespan and reproductive function. That is why you’ll catch them hovering around picnic areas and your BBQs.

The sting of a Wasp usually wears off within 24 hours, for some people the venom in their sting causes anaphylactic shock, which can be fatal in some cases. Wasps are known for their seemingly unprovoked attacks and just being a nuisance.

Wasp nests are not often visible, and you only spot where the enter or exit an area. Often, we attend properties to remove nests hidden in a bush in the garden, in the roof void, the suffix under the guttering or a hole in a wall. Sometimes they highly visible, in your attic or hanging from a tree.

We get hundreds of call-outs every year to treat Wasp nests around Northampton, Wellingborough, Kettering, Corby, and the surrounding villages. So, if you’re having an issue, you’re probably not alone. Children, Elderly people, those with allergies, and household pets can be particularly sensitive to Wasp sting.

If you’re worried about a large amount of Wasp activity around your home and family, you should contact us, we will give you free advice and if requested, treat the Wasp nest. This will allow you to enjoy your garden a whole lot more throughout the summer months.

A little word about BEES…

We are Bee Friendly. We will arrange for Honey Bees to be saved and relocated through local members of the British Bee Keepers Association, wherever possible to do so. All Bees are important to the ecology of our planet, so try and live with them if you can.