Expansion Across Northampton

When we initially started trading, the immediate proximity of Rushden, Wellingborough and the surrounding villages was our projected catchment area. We would receive the odd call from Northampton or a village surrounding, to attend Domestic Pest Control jobs. Now, owing to our staff expansion and growing expertise, we have a loyal, established customer base in and around Northamptonshire, both Domestic and Commercial.

As with other companies in other areas of our county, Northampton based businesses have grown relatively quickly and have expanded their warehouses or premises to accommodate their expansion. Northampton town centre is only a twenty minute drive away from our main office and we now find that companies on the Brackmills, Moulton Park, Towcester Road and Grafton Industrial Estates, or businesses in and around the town centre of Northampton, are requesting our range of services.

Northampton’s sustainable businesses have expanded around 35% over the last few decades and have created jobs in various areas of commerce. With this, the Domestic areas have also grown just as quick.

We have risen to the task of successfully supplying and helping new projects in Northampton and the surrounding villages with various aspects of pest control. From our tailor-made rodent control programs, eradication of cockroaches, biting insects, to supplying and installing Pigeon Netting/Proofing.

We are proud to help new and older businesses protect their assets and help maintain the high health & safety standards required for their properties. Not forgetting how proud we are of helping the local Northamptonshire community in their households in these difficult times. So if you’re looking for pest control Northampton related services, then be sure to give us a call.